Inorganic Hydrazine Derivatives. Synthesis, Properties And Applications

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Traditionally, interest in the chemistry of hydrazine and its derivatives has been focused on the development of propellants and explosives, but in recent years a wide variety of new applications have emerged in fields such as polymers, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, agriculture and medicine

Inorganic Hydrazine Derivatives Synthesis, Properties and Applications presents a comprehensive review of the research carried out in this field during the last four decades

Methods for synthesizing inorganic hydrazine derivatives and complexes are systematically presented, together with details of their characterization, spectra, thermal analysis, crystal structure, and applications

Strong emphasis is given to controlling the reactivity of hydrazine derivatives from detonation to deflagration to decomposition

The monograph also highlights current developments and applications of inorganic hydrazine derivatives, including the synthesis of nanostructured materials

Topics covered include An introduction to hydrazine and its inorganic derivatives Hydrazine salts Metal hydrazines Metal hydrazine carboxylates Hydrazinium metal complexes Applications of inorganic hydrazine derivatives This applications-based handbook is a valuable resource for academics and industry professionals researching and developing hydrazine compounds, high energy materials, nanomaterials, and pharmaceuticals.